Tree Health

Health Problems in Trees

Various pests and diseases can attack trees with varying effect. Some cause only aesthetic damage and do not represent a significant risk to the tree or to people near it. Others are more serious with some having the potential to compromise the safety of the tree and increase the risk of the tree failing, some can cause a slow decline in the health of the tree, some pose a risk to human health, but most cause a combination of problems. It is also possible that the decline in the health of a tree could be caused by environmental factors.


Seemingly healthy trees should be checked periodically to ensure there are no serious threats of disease. Any pest infestation should be noted and reported quickly so the risk can be assessed and correct control methods can be taken to limit further damage or spread. Of course, not all insects are a risk to trees, many are harmless and provide a natural food source for different species of wildlife, but some can be harmful to the health of the tree and to people living or working nearby. If you have any concerns about the health of your trees, you should act quickly and contact Parklawn Tree Services for professional advice.

Fungus and Disease

Without the proper training it is almost impossible to know the implications of a fungus seen on a tree or why a tree should suddenly become unhealthy. We can provide expert advice to identify the problem and work with you to find the best solution. Our consultancy service can assess the extent of decay caused by a fungus, provide you with detailed analysis of the problem and provide recommendations for work, which can be carried out by our highly trained arborists.