Tree Reports & Consultancy

Tree Reporting on decay whether to remove a tree or not

We care about the conservation of trees and pride ourselves on giving professional advice on tree maintenance. That is why we offer free advice and estimates for tree work. If you do need a more detailed report for health and safety, architects, planning permission, housing associations or any aspect relating to your trees, Parklawn Tree Services can visit your home or site to carry out a detailed inspection.

We provide professional tree reports, tree consultancy, wildlife surveys and skilled assessment to detect any problems with your trees. We can calculate root protection areas and install barriers to protect the root zone. Commissioned reports are presented in writing with photographic references if needed. Please call for a quotation.

Tree Decay Equipment

By starting with a visual tree assessment an Arborist can see potential areas of decay within a tree’s structure and this can be followed up with ultrasound testing or micro drilling. Through the evidence of these advanced pieces of equipment we can confidently recommend the retention or removal of a tree.