Using our forestry mulcher and specialist machinery, trees, scrub and roots are reduced to mulched wood quickly and efficiently. This practice is recognised as the most cost effective way of disposing of wooded material in an environmentally friendly manner. Mulching conforms to ISO 14000 and is therefore classed as an ecologically valuable operating principle. Reintroducing the shredded biomass into the natural cycle leads to improved soil structure and protects the ground from dehydration and erosion. The remaining material can be levelled off and left to regenerate naturally or it can be cleared to off-site composting facilities, leaving the area free from root material. On average using the mulcher rather than chippers can cut the cost of clearance by more than 50%.

Our tractor mounted AHWI mulcher is capable of the high speed removal of groups of trees and large areas of shrubs using a high- powered tractor/mulcher unit.

The mulcher will also grind up to 6” in depth into the soil removing stumps and roots. This leaves the ground easy to work with and ready for further work. Our Mulcher is ideal for clearing the following, Slash reduction, recreating trails, land clearing, performing soil preparation for new growth, grinding stumps, eradicating undesirable vegetation, reducing timber stands, mulching wood waste.

Many clearance projects have been completed in a controlled and cost effective manner with the mulcher to a high level of customer satisfaction. For troublesome site clearance projects a combination of chainsaws, excavators / grabs and mulcher’s can be used to clear the areas as efficiently as possible.