Quality Standards

Parklawn Tree Services staff are trained to work to BS3998:2010 Tree Work – Recommendations, and BS5837:2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction – Recommendations.

BS3998 is the standard that sets the recommendations for tree work and management of established trees and hedgerows. While BS5837 is the standard that sets out the recommended tree management, planting and retention strategies for trees located near, or affected by construction projects.

These documents are the product of the collaboration between the foremost arboricultural experts and institutions in the UK and Ireland, and are continuously reviewed and updated to reflect the latest advances in the study of Arboriculture. The guidelines laid out in these documents are inarguably the best strategies managing the cohabitation of trees and people. Training in these guidelines ensures that our staff can produce work and make recommendations that are sustainable for both our clients and their trees.