Landscaping & Maintenance

Parklawn Tree Services provide planting, landscaping and maintenance to complement our domestic and commercial tree surgery; from a few hours garden and lawn maintenance to larger scale contracts, including hedge cutting, tree and hedge planting. We can assist you if you are looking for locally sourced materials for garden design; local stone, wood, reclaim and salvage, woodchip, paths, wood sculptures, log piles or chainsaw carving.

Tree Selection

This is your opportunity to improve your environment and make a difference. We can advise on scheme and species suitability and can personally inspect and select all trees before purchase.

Tree Planting

All tree specimens are different in their needs and require different methods of planting to ensure a healthy life. Whether bare root, containerised, root ball, staking or ground anchoring, we have the knowledge, equipment and experience to provide perfect planting.

Maintenance Plans

Trees, like all plants, will thrive if they are properly cared for. Our unique maintenance programme includes regular checks, watering, pruning and tree-base care. We offer a variety of tree maintenance packages to suit all budgets and requirements.