Our Ethos

It is the policy of Parklawn Tree Services to implement and maintain an effective environmental management system that meets standard requirements. We take seriously our responsibility for environmental stewardship and believe that as a leading arboricultural company we should play a constructive role in helping to address the challenges facing the environment.

Parklawn Tree Services recognises that a healthy environment is essential for the good of society, people and our business. We feel that diverse, healthy, natural resources, e.g. fresh water, oceans, air, forests, grasslands, etc., are an important component of social and sustainable economic development. Consequently, a vigorous and diverse tree population is vital to both water and air quality and to help regulate the climate. The wildlife habitat value of trees is immeasurable and irreplaceable, and a major challenge for today’s society is to manage human demands on land, soil and vegetation without adversely affecting the ecosystem.

The Value of Trees

Trees play a very valuable role in our environment. Below are some of their benefits-

  • Their pollen, nectar, leaves, nuts, seeds, berries and fruits are a sources of food for wildlife… and us.
  • Birds, bees and other insects and small mammals build their homes in and around trees.
  • Tree roots hold the soil together. Their roots soak up polluted water that runs off streets.
  • Fallen leaves and dead wood feeds the soil.
  • Trees filter the air through photosynthesis – taking in carbon dioxide and giving off oxygen.
  • They provide shelter from sun, rain and wind.
  • They are an effective noise barrier.
  • They are a source of materials for building.
  • They are a source of fuel.
  • They provide an ever-changing and beautiful view.